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Welcome to Farm To Family

We are a women and veteran-owned neighborhood farmers market specializing in local produce, dry goods, fresh cut floral bouquets, prepared foods and more. Our mission at Farm To Family is to make available the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest produce and locally sourced goods. We  carefully hand pick our produce from local farms and our local small batch goods are made from only the finest ingredients. Our well-stocked store offers a range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and some organic produce. We also have a wide variety of cheeses, pasta, casseroles, jams, sauces, breads and more. Visit us yourself and experience our unique difference!

Hand-Picked Produce

We offer a wide range of produce from local farmers. Our produce is hand-picked and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Farm To Family believes in helping farmers who are independently owned and run. Our objective is to bring you fresh produce from their farm.

Fresh Herbs & Microgreens

Our selection of local fresh and dried herbs, locally sourced microgreens and lettuces are selected for their exceptional quality. We know that the right herbs can elevate the flavor of any meal. Microgreens are packed with nutrients and add a fresh, crisp finish to any dish. Try them out today.

Supporting Local Creators

We believe in showcasing local creators and supporting our community.  If you are a local creator and would like to see your products in our store, please contact us today.

"Large, fresh produce and a good selection of hard to find items and good gift ideas. The only local place I could find oyster and lions mane mushroom."

Elizabeth Murdock, Camden County Georgia, Facebook

Farm To Family on Instagram


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